Prostcal Ayurvedic Tablet

Prostcal Ayurvedic Tablet


As directed by physician

Packing size

60 Tab

☀ 13 types of Mutraghat, specially in Vatastheela and Mutragranthi.

☀ Lower urinary tract symptoms like Urgency and frequency of urine.

☀ Night time micturition’s

☀ Burning micturition

☀ Helps to reduce postvoid residual urine.

☀ Renal calculi

☀ Rasayana (Rejuvenation) for urinary system


  • Prostcal’s antimicrobial, anti- inflammatory action, helps to reduce lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS).
  • Its diuretic effect removes obstruction and decreases postvoid residual urine volume.
  • Effective in reducing frequency and urgency episodes, night time micturition’s.
  • It contains potent rasayna herbs of urinary system like guduchi and gokshur which helps to prevent disease progression by arresting hyperplasia.
  • Prostcal corrects the function of apan vayu thus helps to regain the bladder control and improves quality of life.
  • Classical ayurvedic preparation for rejuvenation of renal system.

Prostcal Tablet Ingredients

Pashanbhed Ext.

(Bergenia Ligulata)

Helps to crush the stone
Removes obstruction
Punarnava Root Ext.

(Boerhavia Diffusa)

Maintains flow
Reduces local inflammation
Helps to reduce Oedema
Gokshuradi Guggul Classical preparation for urinary system
Rejuvenates Renal system Improves flushing of urine
Yavakshar Neutralizes ph of urine
Helps to carve the size of Prostate Destruction of Obstruction (stone/any growth)
Gulvel Ext.

(Tinospora Cordfolia)

Rejuvenation, Anti pyritic, Anti inflammatory
Kanchanar Guggul Removes obstruction from Renal lymphatic system
Carving of Prostate
Halad Ext.

(Curcuma Longa)

Anti inflammatory, Anti bacterial
Heals micro cellular abrasions
Vala Root Diuretic, Anti inflammatory
Improves urogenesis & flushing Reduces burning micturition
Chandraprabha Classical Ayurvedic preparation on Urinary System
Rejuvenates urinary tract & Kidneys
Varunadi Kashay Carving of Prostate
Helps to improve Cortico-medullary differentiation
Carving of thickened wall of bladder
Indications Beningn Prostate Hypertrophy
Renal malignancies
Bladder wall thickening, cystitis
Lithotryptic Action

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