Immuharsh Ayurvedic Tablet

Immuharsh Ayurvedic Tablet


As directed by physician

Packing size

60 Tab

☀ Ojus (Essence of seven dhatus) is considered as responsible for Vydhikshamtva (Immunity) according to Ayurveda. Ojus promotes the cellular growth and prevents cellular destruction. Immuharsh boost the formation of Ojus by saptdhatuvardhan.

☀ Strengthens the host immunity.

☀ Prevents from attacks of various microbial infections.

☀ Reduces duration and severity of symptoms hence helps in preventing the recurrence of diseases.

☀ Adjuvant to antibiotic therapy

☀ Improves the quality of life with antiaging effect.


  • Ayurveda says immunity depends on health of Dosha and Dhatu (Body tissues). Immuharsh improves the quality of Dosha and Dhatu (Body tissues) by detoxifying the body; which helps to arrest the progression and reoccurrence of diseases.
  • The antioxidant and anti- inflammatory action of herbs helps to fight against the viral and bacterial infections before disease progression.
  • Immuharsh is embraced with apoptogenic herbs having neuroprotective, anti – fatigue, anxiolytic and antistress effect which helps to resist the stress induced diseases and premature aging.
  • Immuharsh enhances the physical as well as mental strength and endurance of the body.

Immuharsh Tablet Ingredients


(Phyllanthus Emblic)

Source of Vitamin 'C',Respiratory/eye/heart disorder, ageing, antioxident (Immunobooster)

(Tinospora Cordfolia)

Bitter tonic, improves liver function, jaundice, stimulates hunger, longivity, viral fever
Sariva (Tinospora Cordfolia) Improves hunger, blood purifier,fever, tridoshagna
Shatavari (Asparagu Racimosus) Antioxident, immunostimulant, adaptogenic herb,combat anxity & depression, improves vitality, general health tonic
Ashwagandha Immunomodular, Best anti degenerativeactivity, antimicrobial steroidal action,adaptogenic herb, boost brain finction,lower cortisol levels
Manjishta(Rubia Cordfolia) Anti bacterial/ microbial, potent immunity booster, blood purifier,good apetizer


Pramotes hair growth, reduces stress, lower HTN, liver protective, prevents bacterial infection, insomnia
Bhavana Sunth (Zingiber off cinate)
Vekhand(Acorus calamus)
Brahmi(Bacopa monnieri)
Jeevanti(Leptadenia reticulate)
Wala(Andropogon muricatus)
Pittapapda (Fumaria indica)
Senile Debility
Rejuvinator & revitelizer
Restore energy loss
Reduces physical & psychological stress
Immunobooster & modulator
Improves blood quality & harmone balance

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