Fungitch Ayurvedic Tablet

Fungitch Ayurvedic Tablet


1 or 2 tablets twice a day or as directed by physician

Packing size

60 Tab

☀ Fungal infections and its often recurrence.
☀ Urticaria, Eczema and Leucorrhea Useful in Pittaj and Kaphaj disorders.
☀ Scalp exfoliation.
☀ Respiratory and other fungal infections.


  • Fungitch’s antifungal, wormicidal and antimicrobial properties helps to fight against various types of fungal infections.
  • It balances pitta - kapha and reduces itching, irritation and redness of skin.
  • It helps in healing of dry and cracked skin by purifying blood.
  • It prevents recurrent relapse of infection by improving digestion, eliminating toxins and enhancing skin immunity.
  • Fungitch strives to work at the roots of the skin and bring out the beauty from within.

Fungitch Tablet Ingredients

Aarogyavardhini Antipruritics, Anti inflammatory, Digestive Stimulator,
Eliminate toxins out of body, Mild laxative, Liver disorder, Obesity,
balances- Pitta & Kapha, All types of skin disorder
Sariva Ext Blood purifier, Reduces toxicity of body, Useful in itching,
pruritus, Useful in insect bites, Neutralise acidity of blood
Manjishta Ext.(Rubia Cordifolia) Antibacterial, Antimicrobial, (Blood purifier), Antispasmodic,
Immunity Booster, Astrigent, Antifungal or various skin diseases.
Tankan Lahi Mucolytic, Fungicidal, Antipruritic, Stimulates menstruation,
Demulcent, Anti inflammatory,
Gandhak Rasayan Antibacterial, Antimicrobial, Immunity booster, Anthelmintic,
Used in skin diseases (Kushta), Blood Purifier, Itching, Fungal Infections.
Haridrakhand Anti Allergic, Hives, Allergic Rhinitis, Itching, Pruritis

(Embelica ribes)


(Glycyrriza Glabra)


(Corn tessel)




Blood purifier

Indication Tinea infection & its often Recurrence
Urticaria, Eczema, Leucorrhaea
Useful in Kapha & Pittaj Skin disorder
Scalp Exfoliation
Respiratory and other fungal infection System

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