Calharsh Ayurvedic Tablet

Calharsh Ayurvedic Tablet


1 or 2 tablets twice a day or as directed by physician

Packing size

60 Tab

☀ Asthi dhatu Kshaya (Osteoporosis)
☀ Asthi Bhagna (Fractures)
☀ Sandhigata Vata (Osteoarthritis)
☀ Amlapitta (Gastric acid reflux / Acidity)
☀ Parinamshoola (Peptic ulcer)
☀ Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
☀ Shwetpradara (Leucorrhoea)
☀ Khalitya (Hair fall)
☀ Palitya (Greying of hair)
☀ Cracking of the teeth
☀ Brittleness of nails


  • Calharsh is unique Herbo mineral combination for all types of calcium deficiency disorders.
  • Calharsh contains natural source of calcium with other elements like zinc, magnesium enhances calcium absorption than synthetic preparations.
  • Gut (Intestine) is the major site for absorption of calcium. Minerals like Muktashukti bhasma, Kukundatvaka bhasma from Calharsh helps to correct gut abnormalities, heals ulcers, corrects PH of gut thus radially increases absorption of calcium from gut.
  • Asthi dhatu kshaya and Vata prakopa are considered as calcium deficiency as per Ayurveda. Aggravated vata dosha is responsible for various kinds of pain in muscular and skeletal system, numbness etc. Calharsh helps to pacify vata dosha thus reduces the pain easily.
  • The tikta rasa herbs like guduchi, shunthi and shatavari helps to clear margavarodha (Channels) from the path of Vata dosha, reduces excess medodhatu with deepan -pachana thus nourishes the next asthi dhatu.
  • The greatest advantage of Herbo minerals from Calharsh are deepan – pachan in nature; which prevents the complication of modern synthetic calcium supplements like constipation, blotting, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, flatulence etc.

Calharsh Tablet Ingredients

Muktashukti Bhasma Anti Arthritic, Anti Oxidant, Anti inflammatory, Alkalizer, Antacid
Kukkutandtwak Bhasma Best Calcium Suppliment, Anti inflammatory, Kapha Vata
Shamak, Improves bone density, backache, anemia, Adoptogenic
Shatawari Ext.

(Asparagu Racimosus)

Best nourishing tonic to women, Rejuvinator, maintain Harmonal
Balance, Anti Oxidant, Anti Aging, Anti inflammatory, Immunobooster
Mandur Bhasma Haematinic, Helps in genesis of blood, Improves Liver
metabolism, Hematogenic, Digestive
Lakshadi Guggul Improves Osteoporosis , Heals fractures, Helps in Bursitis/
Arthritis, Anti inflammatory, Analgesic

(Phyllanthus Embellica)


(Cyperus Rotundus)


(Tinospora Cordfolia)

Improves quality &
Rejuvinates Bones
& Bone marrow, Asthipachak Yog
Indications   Calcium deficiency.
Osteoporosis, Fractures
Helps in menopausal syndrom
As natural source which improve calcium absorption than synthetic preparations
Useful in the management of Shwetpradara and other gynecological disorder
Ref. NCBI (Natural Centre for Biotechnologi Information)

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